ZK Boden klein Inter Flexa-cavity floor/
Special features

The Inter Flexa cavity floor unites the advantages of a false floor with those of the monolithic cavity floor and is a very economical system for normal static loading and stressing in the field of construction of offices and administration buildings.
Special gypsum boards are placed as permanent formwork on the height-adjustable steel supports and covered with a masking course. The understructure which is thus already conditionally suitable for foot traffic is then covered with floating screed to the required level. Irregularities of the unfinished floor are compensated for by the steplessly height-adjustable steel supports.
Heating pipes can be bridged particularly easily with the Inter Flexa-cavity floor in the facade junction area. There is no need for partitioning or loose fills in the area of the heating pipes

The support grid spacing is 60 x 60 cm.

The gypsum boards have
a size of 60 x 120 cm x 1,8 cm.



  • Optimum wiring space with very large unobstructed cross-section
  • Free selection of trunking direction
  • Inclined and round facade junctions can be made very easily
  • Very good soundproofing properties
  • Clear cavity floor heights exceeding 150 mm can be implemented easily
  • Uniform setting of the screed owing to uniformly thick screed panel
  • Our wide-based network of partner companies provides customers with servicing near at hand
  • Our partner companies constantly train their floor layers
  • Technical customer advice from technical engineers of Inter Flexa AG


Fire protection
General test certificat for construction supervision.


System heights
The Inter Flexa-cavity floor is supplied with a minimum clear cavity height of 50 mm (105 mm upper edge of finished floor) steplessly to max. 200 mm (255 mm upper edge of finished floor).


R L, w: approx.    52 dB
A L w: approx.     28 dB
L n.w: approx.      76 dB

* ) depending on screed thickness of the load-bearing course


Point load   5 kN
Strip load    6 kN/m
Area load    20 kN/m2

The Inter Flexa-cavity floor, made from formwork elements and anhydrite jointless floating screed, forms one quality-assured, tested unit.



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